Exhibiting at the World History Association’s Annual Conference

“Teaching World History”

“The Americas in World History”

The WHA’s

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fifteenth-annual conference promises to be one of the most exciting and well-attended conferences in the association’s history. Because of its location in Southern California, its themes, the pre-conference Teaching Workshop, and the seven-day, pre- and post-conference “Americas in World History” Institute involving teachers of world history that are planned as ancillary activities, the conference coordinators expect a higher-than-normal turn out of secondary-level and community college instructors, as well as the usual complement of collegiate and university professors. We expect somewhere between 300 and 400 conferees.

Exhibitors at the WHA may register and pay by filling out and mailing this registration form.

As a small way of saying “thank you” to exhibitors, the WHA will print, at no charge to an exhibitor, a notice of up to 75 words of the exhibitor’s choosing on both a dedicated page of www.thewha.org and on its e-journal, World History Connected. The latter receives tens of thousands hits each month from teachers.

Copy for this notice should be sent to Robert White at WHA Headquarters. ()

Please note that exhibitors are offered free and specially discounted conference badges, depending on the number of tables reserved and the number of personnel sent to the conference. Moreover, a special exhibitors’ discount is applicable for advertisements in the conference program.

The exhibition will be held in an open courtyard with generous overhangs as protection from the sun and elements (picture a three-story monastic cloister garth, or courtyard). The 8 refreshment breaks offered conferees throughout the 2 ½ days of the conference will be served in this same large space, thereby allowing everyone to circulate among the exhibitions during these social occasions. The conference will provide student assistants who will daily move books and other exhibition materials from a secure, locked room to the exhibition tables and back to the secure site in the evening. Moreover, the CSULB bookstore will handle drayage, accepting books and other materials, assuring their delivery to the conference venue, and shipping back (at exhibitors’ expense) whatever materials exhibitors wish returned.

We will send exhibitors a timely notice of when to ship materiuals, but we can tell you now that the shipping address will be:

c/o Forty-Niner Shops, Inc.
California State University at Long Beach
6049 East Seventh Street
Long Beach, CA 90840

Beyond that, the chair of the Conferences Committee, Al Andrea, has personally pledged to make every effort to meet and satisfy whatever special needs an exhibitor might have. Al can be reached at .

Become a Conference Patron

Many exhibitors and others have expressed interest in underwriting a portion of the conference by sponsoring a breakfast, a coffee service, a reception, part of a keynote speaker’s expenses, or the like. Conference subventions start at $500, and for that stipend the patron will be prominently acknowledged in both the conference program and at the event. Publishers, for example, will have their logos printed in the program next to the scheduled event that they are subventing, and they are also encouraged to set up small displays at the event.

Those interested in becoming patrons should contact Al Andrea at or (802) 578-5896.

For additional information please contact:

World History Association
2530 Dole Street, A203
Honolulu, HI 96822

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